The Reign

by Damien Crawford

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The Reign symbolizes the Take Over of Damien Crawford. With his distinct sound and strong presence, the music from this album with saturate the market and bring forth a defined influence to r&b, hip-hop, and pop music. All hail The Prince of Urban Pop!


released February 7, 2012

Beats by B.F.M.G., Dollars Tha Producer, & Steven Bojoc
All songs written by Damien Crawford
Album recorded at Blockstars Production Studios



all rights reserved


Damien Crawford Society Hill, New Jersey

Damien Crawford was created to entertain. His musical genre is a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, & Pop, in which he likes to refer to as, "Urban Pop." Damien's lyrical stylings and strong presence will entice you to fall in love with the talented artist. Music lovers of the world, be prepared to crown him "The Prince of Urban Pop!" ... more

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Track Name: 69
Written by Damien Crawford

The reign
I got a proposition think that you should take it
let's try a new position come on baby just embrace it
Once we do it you gon wanna do it all the time got it tatted on my body and it's call a 69.

I can't take it can't take it my leg is shaking it's shaking don't wanna wait I can make it so make it shake but don't break it
If you break it you bought it and I know that's what you wanted cuz 69 is the sign our bodies can intertwine

Do you want some more?
come and get some more
More more
More more
come and get it

I got a secret baby wanna see you naked
Got a pocket full of singles so i need to see you shake it
Carefully analyzing the sculpture of ya body Im an angel when you’re watching and a devil when I'm naughty

Make it wind like dancer just like the sign of a cancer the 69 is the answer its like a body enhancer
Intoxicating and motivating my mind steady contemplating I'm hoping you can endure the things that I have in store

It's a 69
Want it all the time
Gonna make you mine
With a 69

Written by Damien Crawford

I think I wanna be a Rockstar

Ima pop star
Living the life of a rockstar
Ima pop star
Living the life of a rockstar!

I see you looking at me like im in a movie, and you wanna know,
If I can make you feel like you one of my groupies, and take you on the
road. Now dont be acting like them chickens wit the doobies, who don't be
letting go, I want a shorty who can get a little freaky, whip it to
some Rock and roll.

Give me life now baby, be my stan, Im your rockstar baby, your my band,
So wont you, Let me hit dat, let me get that
I'm on a mission payback! Operation reposes my mind I know I gotta get back.
On the right track, gotta attack, I cant afford to relax, everybody
waiting for my long awaited music comeback

I'ma pop pop pop star baby
Rockstar life
so don't you you try to, knock knock knock it baby till you try (cuz I be in)
Different cities, new Mercedes, meeting all types of ladies and
getting crazy high, Cuz Ima pop pop pop star baby
Rockstar Life!

I never thought about the meaning of addiction, until it was too late
Now I know why so many can't tell what's real or fiction, reality is often fake
Caught up in glitz and glam but don't have no direction, can't tell my
left from right, smoke and mirrors cover up my actual reflection, can
you show me the light?

Give me life now baby, be my stan, Im your rockstar baby, your my band,
So won't you, let hit dat let me get dat, I'm on a mission attack, I
gotta get this money so I never have to look back. Can't go back,
won't do that, cuz I can't live in the past, only thing I'm tryna do
is hit the stage and make it last.


Dont get caught up in that rockstar life baby
Its not always what it seems
Track Name: I Can Be Ft. Fresh
I CAN BE (Everything)
Written by Damien Crawford

I can be that everything you ever needed
Give me any obstacle and I can beat it
I don't wanna seem like I canbe conceited
But give me any task and Baby ill complete it
Ill be ya best friend if you need assistance, whenever you need ahand, ill be ya superman
I think you gotta see it baby to believe it
and if you can believe then you can acheive it

Nothings ever stopping me from giving everything
to show you. (That I can be the man of your dreams)
Cuz baby im the ONE the one.
Who can give you the world.
I come second under NONE No one
Can take what I deserve

I can be the air you need so baby breathe in
Cant find your way to water baby I can lead it.
Bring up any stereotype and I'll beat it
I can be the man you say had never cheated.
Cuz I'm not like other men, I'm fully competent, I can't be
distracted, I'm staying until the end
I'm the main attraction baby so be seated, and I really hope that your
prepared to see this.

I can be, everything, all you need, wait and see x2
Track Name: Broken
Written by Damien Crawford

Had me looking at ya Facebook page
Tryna see if ya status changed
Wanna know what you up to lately
Im in the dark and im going crazy
All my friends say I gotta stop it,
Cuz they know that I'm not gon like it
When I see that you got a man and,
That you out making wedding plans

Dont think I can take this any longer but what doesnt kill me only makes me stronger
Guess it all happened for a reason
Some people come only for a season
Whats done is done baby now you leaving
The devil won and I cant believe it

I was broken (yeah)
I cant be broken by You
Cuz I’ve been chosen (yeah)
I've got this life to pursue

Now let me take you to another story
About the people who are fake and foney
Brother and sister from another mother,
Just like kin, we grew up together
Now we been friends longer than a decade
I never though that our friendship would fade
Now you out stabbing backs for money
You clocking out without even getting paid

I feel alone in a crowded room
I'm all alone dont know what to do
I really thought u were a friend to me
But now it's clear you’re just a frenemy


I miss you (yeah)
I cant forget you (No)
But I still miss you (Yea)
Will I forgive you (no)
Im broken
Track Name: No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain
Written by Damien Crawford

I mean I thought we had something real
But I guess what they say is true
No pain no gain

Got a call yesterday, by mistake, you said his name.
Then I thought you were gone but with me you remain
All the hurt all the pain
Why the lies, why the games
I always thought, you’d be the one
But u got caught and now I'm done


I don't know why you did this baby it's me
(baby can't u see my pain)
things ain't the same and Now I'm goin crazy
(but I guess no pain no gain)

You tried to say it wasn't true, I looked at you and then I knew That anything you ever said was probably not the truth
All the love through all the years
Why deny, why the tears
I never thought I'd wear the ring of the one who caused my pain


I can't believe what you did to me you know it wasn't right, what you do up in the dark will always come to light

I don't know why you did this baby it's me Cant you see that things ain't the same and its got me going crazy Cant you see me pain!

You showed me your true colors baby
Now I see you not meant for me

Im Out of love
I'm giving up
Im Through with love
I've had enough

Track Name: The Get Down
Written by Damien Crawford

Eh (get down)

You look a little lonely, are u calling for me, want company?
I'm tryna get you to know me, but don't worry shorty I'll be easy
Can I be a little nosey, can we get a little cozy, shake it for me
Wanna see if you can hurt me,
I wanna know that you can work me
Get down on it (x3)
Now you can bring it up slowly, youmaking everybody want it, come get
yo tip, let me know that you deserve it, you did everything to earn
it, keep it legit
Not tryna make it complicated
Don't wanna worry bout a headache

I Just came here to party
So get down on it

I just wanna party, hit up the bar and go hard wit sex on the beach,
I'm not even being naughty, just a little bit of vodka
Juice and berries
Not the one to keep on talking, I’'ma show when I walk in, My shit is Cray!
And think Ill call you diamond, Ima have you call me Simon
So do what I say, get down on it (x3)
You know u got it so u flaunt it you make me want, on it like E&J
I wanna know if I can taste it, gonna get a little wasted, but that's ok
You my designated driver, so Ima go a little harder
Cuz I came here to party!


Do the Crawford
Do the Bankhead
Now Wobble Baby
Do the Patty cake
Do the Muscle
Show me how you Dougie
Now Lean back

Track Name: Salute Me Ft. DJ Barco The Boss
Written by Damien Crawford
Rap (DJ Barco The Boss)

Got you marching like a soldier, doin what I told ya, even if they hate me, you appreciate me, I am the messiah, Building the empire, Leading like the pope spread the hope you desire

War is in the air
Steppin to the front line, cocking up the black nine
Victory is near
My military growing, and when I Battle I win!

Grind if you wanna dance
Whine if you wanna chance
Cooperation done
Thank you for ya time son!

This is for the haters my non congratulators I hope that you are taking note that I am banking
So get down on one knee and call me majesty cuz I am the prince of pop and soon I will be king!

Your my resident
I'm yo president

Give you everything you need
Salute me
Created everything you see
Salute me
I be the captain of ya team
Salute me
I made the air so you can breathe
salute me

I got you Standing at attention pending my election I think Im gonna mention you in my Selection
Make-a-move (work it for me now)
Got to prove (you can break it down)
Welcome to my army hopefully you can see everyone before me gladly working for me And if u do not agree I suggest you tell me cuz I don't
tol-er-ate anybody who front-ing

Grind if you wanna dance
Whine if you wanna chance
Cooperation done
Thank you for ya time son

Track Name: Down 4 U
Down 4 U
Written by Damien Crawford

Put yo leg up on my shoulder
Let me hear that sound
Don't get scared this shit ain't over
We bout to start up yet another round
Take it slow baby, we got all night let's do this right we can't go wrong
take control baby, and follow the instructions given in this song

Tonight I'm goin down for you (oh)
Ima give you what you need
Tonight I'm going there wit you
I just wanna hear you scream

Strap yourself up in my saddle, and ride it like you think you bout to die, hold on tight this shit aint stable, Im about to take you to another high
Take it slow baby, We got all night let's do this right we can't go wrong
I like It when u back it up baby your my jeep and You make it go Beep beep beep when I beat it, from the back I attack so can't nobody see it, you betta flip it over cuz you know Im bout to eat it


Tonight I'm goin down for you
Ima give you what you need
Tonight I'm going there wit you
I just wanna hear you scream
Tonight I'm taking care of you
I'm fulfilling every need
Tonight it's gon be me and you
Satisfaction guaranteed
Track Name: SuperSonic
written by Damien Crawford

I got a feeling today (ohh)
That something's gonna make me dance
You got me feeling some sorta way
Your body got me up in a trance (ohhh)
Shake it to the left, shake it to the right,
give it to me baby come on give it to me right
I like it when you sweat, I love It when your high,
This beat is supersonic so let's take it on a ride

I want you to stay
Stay right here with me foerever babe
And take my hand
Together we can dance the night away

I'm feeling kinda freaky today
And it's you that got me feeling this way
And I don't give a fuck what you say (Fuck what you Say)
Want you to pop it like ya name beyonce
(who run the world)

Shake it to the left, shake it to the right, give it to me baby come on give it to me right
U know that I'm the best, you know that I'm Yo type, Buckle ya seatbelt baby it's gon be a bumpy ride


Stay-with-me-for-ev-er- ba-by
Come take my hand
So we can dance

Come and take it like you want it
Break ya back go head and flaunt it
You gon make me jump up on it
This beat is so supersonic

Baby wont you come and take my hand, please dont make me have to beg for it
Cuz all I'm asking for is just one dance, romance, one chance to Dance
And if I have to beg I'll I swear you'll see, that the only man you need is me!

This beat is sick


(Make the Beat Drop)

This beat is sick, supersonic