The Crawford Chronicles

by Damien Crawford

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This is the very first EP by singer/songwriter DAMIEN CRAWFORD. He has written every song on the project and hopes you enjoy it! Follow him @Dcrawford720 and give him some feedback regarding the album!


released June 1, 2011

1. Intro: CNN
2. Break the coma: Produced by Steven Bojoc Productions
3. I'm Fly: Produced by DG Beat Productions
4. Get Yo Dance up: Produced by DG Beat Productions
5. Believe In Your Heart: Produced by Marcus James Productions
6. Show Me the Light: Produced by MusicAl1250, background vocal arrangment by James "A-Natural" Foster
7. Im fly (Remix): DG Beat Productions, Rap lyrics by M-16



all rights reserved


Damien Crawford Society Hill, New Jersey

Damien Crawford was created to entertain. His musical genre is a mix of R&B, Hip Hop, & Pop, in which he likes to refer to as, "Urban Pop." Damien's lyrical stylings and strong presence will entice you to fall in love with the talented artist. Music lovers of the world, be prepared to crown him "The Prince of Urban Pop!" ... more

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Track Name: Break the Coma
"Break The Coma"

I don't think you ready for this. Let the countdown begin oh!

5 4 3 2 1

Feel like I been asleep for too long,Need a hit of intoxication,
Hurry up I don't have the patience, wanna live so don't keep me waiting
If u think that you have the power, hold my interest for an hour, you
better try your best to awake me, want you to take take take me

Baby(Baby) gotta break me out this coma (You Gotta break me out this coma) Break the coma.

I know u want it so please keep it coming.

When u breaking that back and u shake it like that
U breaking me out my coma
Moving so fast u gimme whip lash
U breaking me out my coma
When u jiggle that ass I'm hoping it lasts
U breaking me out my coma
U keep me on track when u work it like dat
You breaking me out my coma

Hey hey Hey hey hey

Where u been cuz my clock is ticking. Gotta have your love it's
addicting. Make a move with no hesitation, step it up I'm your

Gotta give me what I desire
Need to come and put out my fire, get the night cuz it's for taking,
gotta break break break me.

Baby(Baby) gotta break me out this coma (You Gotta break me out this coma) Break the coma.

I know u want it so please keep it coming. Exciting moment my eyes
have been opened!

Break the coma!

Get ready to turn ur music up
U know this beat about to drop
So I hope you ready
Come on Break the coma
Track Name: I'm Fly
I'm Fly

When I step into the room automatically assume that im sitting on alot
of money.
Gotta vallet park da car as I walk in like a star dropping
jaws like i got a ferrarie.
I got my Louie on deck, Marc Jacob on my neck, watch ya mouth If ya coming for me.
Cuz I'm putting on my shades if you wanna go for days so step back cuz
I'm playing dirty

U can try, to deny, that I'm fly tonight
Concentrate on ya hate if u wanna fight

Get in on the floorx2
Bring it down low
Den ya pick it up slow

You see me on da corner looking like you really wanna take trip to myplace of business.
If we go Im gonna show you things you never seen before, they not even in the book of Guiness.

You want A little bit of this or a little bit of that take your pick you
ain't gotta worry.
Do you wanna throw the pitch, or u wanna swing the bat make it quick
Cuz I'm in a hurry

Track Name: Get Yo Dance Up
Get Yo Dance Up

You gotta show it (ahhh)
If you want me to look over your way
You gotta own it (ahhh)
If you want all this attention to stay
If you think you sexy and you feel-ing fly, make ya body pop & twist
until you feel-the high, Ima have you perculating to them flashing lights so you better shake it like its your last day of life.

If you see me in the club (get yo dance up)
If you wanna show me love (get yo dance up)
If you tryna cut a rug (get Yo dance up)
If the drink gave you a buzz (get yo dance up)

Verse 2
So get Yo dance up
If you want me to come over ya way.
Now get Yo hands up
I'm the boss so you must do what I say.

If you think you sexy and you feel-ing fly, make ya body pop & twist
until you feel-the high, everybody on the dance floor giving me the
eye, so I'm hoping that the DJ plays my song all night

The dancefloor is waiting for you to release, all of the shit you put
up with this week, I'm hoping the dj keeps playing this beat, cuz all
of this dancing is setting me free!

Track Name: Believe In Your Heart
Believe in your heart

Do u remember the day now baby
The first day that we met.
Do uremember that conversation.
Remember how it went.

I believe it was amazing, and then we started dating, we together, for the better and everybody is just hating.

But I got one question for ya
Can I have yo hand
I wanna hold it forever baby
Right until the end

Through thick and thin I love ya, sunny days to the stormy weather.
And no matter through whatever we always know we got eachother


If you believe that its true
All of your dreams will come to
Baby all you gotta do
Is just believe in your heart
It can be a deep fantasy
Make it your reality
Might not be easy to see
Baby believe in your heart

Everyday I say my motto
Ur one in a trillion
And I feel like I hit the lotto
250 million
That's how u make me feel
Incredibly surreal
When I'm wit u, when I kiss u
I know u know the deal

But I got one question for ya
Will you marry me
I wanna Marry you
Baby say I do
Love you through thick or thin
Right up until the end
Baby it's u and me, that's how it's supposed to be.


Just believe in it
Track Name: Show Me The Light
Show Me The Light

Heartbeat like a bass drum, sounding like a shot gun, terrified of what u feel
I need for u to realize, what u see through ur eyes, cuz what's happening is real.
Terrified because your scared, or because I touched you there. I'll always be by your side, even in the after life

Look into the mirror
Tell me what you see
Intriguing reflection
Of a memory
Tears pour, no more, I'm yours, for sure
Eh- Eh
show me the lightx3

I love it when your sleeping, cuz I know your dreaming. I feel your intensity
Even with my passing we share so much passion can't deny this chemistry.
Trembling because your scared,
Or because I touched you there,
I'll always be by your side,
Even in the after life


Always wanna see you always gonna need you. Always gonna haunt you,
gotta know I want you. Baby you should know that, we were on the right
track, gotta understand that, i will always come back.

To see ya face, I wanna touch it
And embrace, I know u love it.
If u think your lonely now
My darling u know I will be right there
If u think you don't know how
Baby I'll show you the way